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2021 Virtual Science Symposium Presenters

Ethan C.
Year: HS Graduate
Topic: Air Out of Water – How Plants       Topic: Make Oxygen

Jayden C.
Year: Freshman
Topic: Chemical Bonds and Their Applications

Robert C.
Year: Senior
Topic: The Natural History of the Titicaca Topic: Water Frog, Telmatobius culeus

Cherish L.

Year: Junior 

Topic: Light as a Feather: Biology, Pigmentation, Topic: and Illumination of Bird Feathers

Sophia N.
Year: Elementary, Vista Oaks Charter School; currently taking courses at Year: Arizona State University and classes through community college
Topic: Delocalized Electrons

2021 Virtual Science Symposium Professionals

Sharon Haynes Meakin, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Medical Affairs Training at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Dr. James Bae, M.D.
Psychiatrist, Private Practice; 
Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University

Daniel Fried, Ph.D.

Science Teacher at the Pingry School;

Founder of Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

2021 Virtual Science Symposium Recording 

Here is a list of timestamps for Part 1 of the 2021 Virtual Science Symposium recording: 

  • Opening & Agenda (Ethan – MC) – 0:00

  • Cherish's Presentation – 4:16

  • Robert's Presentation – 19:13

  • Sophia's Presentation – 38:24

  • Ethan's Presentation – 59:29

  • Intermission – 1:15:34

Here is a list of timestamps for Part 2 of the 2021 Virtual Science Symposium recording:​

  • Dr. Sharon Haynes Meakin, Ph.D. (Professional 1) – 0:00

  • Dr. James Bae, M.D. (Professional 2) – 26:23

  • Dr. Daniel Fried, Ph.D. (Professional 3) – 41:22

  • Closing Statements – 1:08:27

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